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Brainchild of Nezha Alaoui, lifestyle designer, thought leader and social entrepreneur, Jenan Mayshad is a central piece to the Mayshad Hospitality luxury hotel collection, offering an authentic Moroccan experience.


Located in Marrakech, the red city of Morocco, Jenan Mayshad is the 12-acre estate of Nezha’s family, built in 1982. She transformed the mansion where she spent her childhood weekends and holidays into an exclusive hideaway with 17 luxury suites where she offers her refined taste with Moroccan traditions immersed in the pure beauty of nature.

A stay at Jenan Mayshad is a magical experience that ignites each of our senses. Here we live in the ultimate richness of Morocco and a peaceful environment with garden paths leading through the property’s mystical retreats. (Open-air restaurant, spa, market space, greenhouse, and pool)

The Mayshad Experience is a journey of awakening designed by Nezha and her hospitality team to offer daily discovery programs of the city that take us through the inspirations of Moroccan culture, traditions and rituals during a stay in our Eco Resort.


Welcome to Jenan Mayshad. Welcome to your new home away from home.

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