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Double Room Kenza

Floor 1

Closer to the patio and the veranda, closer to the earth.

Double Room Sarah

Floor 1

Between sky and earth, a soft mixture of all that matter.

Double Room Nezha

Floor 2

Climb up to the top of the Riad, closers to the sky and the stars. 

You can’t properly come to Rabat, tour the city, visit its monuments, eat its food, shop its wonders without staying with us. 


At, Dar Mayshad, we are committed to making your experience with us unforgettable. Each of our 3 guest rooms is designed and furnished with your comfort and serenity in mind. Their interiors reflect a perfect marriage of traditional Moroccan artisanal craftsmanship and materials with a contemporary design and furniture.


You will wake up, feeling refreshed, sensing the sun on your skin, the light breeze of a fresh morning in the air, and ready to tackle whatever the city throws at you the next day. 

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